… is, that you can feel quite fine for a long period of time and then, for not necessarily a very apparent reason, you might spiral down a path way too familiar to you.

After a good night’s sleep, I’m sure it will get better, but today this came out of me…

“Why can’t I leave the darkness behind?

Feelings so sick inside,

there is nowhere to hide.

Sometimes it’s like a passing tide.

Then again, 

today brings no piece of mind.

I don’t want to drown.

I have been down,

the path to this

black river of mine

too many times.

And nothing there waiting 

but an emptiness

in the the dark corners 

of my mind.”

2 thoughts on “The thing about depression… 

  1. Dearest, in a dark day it might be frigthening and giving anxiouty, if this is where you are headed again. But things are turning around and the way is with more light, even if it sometimes feels like there is only a small ray of it.
    A wise person once told me, that when things start going around your head, the anxiety starts to rise and you don’t know what to do, the best thing is to allow yourself not to know and to have the answers later, maybe even as soon as next morning ❤.
    Hang in there, hugs!

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    1. Friends and your relentless support are my brightest rays of sunshine to ever exist. Surrounding myself with amazing people – that is really what gets me through the days ❤️ Overanalyzing is one of my worse traits, and I’m trying to learn away from it. But on a crappy day, it just spirals out of control and it all just seems a bit hopeless. It is good advice – allowing yourself not to know.


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