Weekly tip: Give compliments

I don’t know about other cultures enough to be sure, but in my country giving compliments (and actually receiving too!) is one of the most difficult things in human interaction. In some ways I value the modest mindset we have here, but in others it’s pure madness!

One of my friends is terribly good at this. She may tell a completely random person in some ladies room that they have the cutest shoes she ever saw. And I totally love her for that! I think it’s just the way she is, though spending a lot of years living abroad in Latin America might have enforced the habit to her advantage I’d say.

I wanted to follow in her footsteps, because it just makes me so happy seeing the other person smile at the compliments!

I hesitated a bit, but my opportunity came one night at a local supermarket where the cashier was so pretty in her black hair, redredred lipstick and cool tattoos. So I told her that I really like her style and the response was a very spontanious smile and a “thanks”! 

I’d like to think I made her evening slightly more tolerable as her posture seemed to change after this incident. 

Especially customer work can sometimes be really exhausting, so any positive feedback is certainly welcome.

So I will resolve to give compliments, not only to friends and family, but to random people crossing paths with me too.

These hugging cats make me remember to be kind

2 thoughts on “Weekly tip: Give compliments

  1. This is such a lovely resolution, I think I might try to do the same. Receiving an unexpected compliment is so nice, and I bet you did brighten up the cashier’s day! Sometimes I find it hard to receive compliments, without then feeling the need to compliment the other person. Don’t know if you find this too? I’ll either do that, or try and shrug off the compliment. For example if someone compliments something I’m wearing, I feel I have to tell them it was only cheap/from a charity shop! I’m trying to stop doing this though!

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    1. Yes Ellen! Fun to realize we Finns are not alone in our inability to receive compliments. Especially I try to minimize what the other person has complimented, but also try to think something I could compliment them on too! And honestly, if you compliment someone, do you expect anything back? Propably they don’t expect either 😊 But we will try to be better at this, right?


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