Happiness. What is it?

Happiness. What a conundrum.

Happiness, I thought, was something that I’ll achieve when I am skinnier, have finished renovating out apartment, have slept solid 8 hour nights for at least a month… I could have happiness when I have acquired all the right furniture, have a perfect cleaning routine and the dream job. Oh yes, a Master’s degree would be a really nice thing to have too and why not win the lottery while I am at it!!

This in Finnish is called the “When, then” -life. And boy it took me years and years and a depression to get the point.

Happiness is in the smallest of things. 

Because most of us will continue living our lives where we are now, basically doing what we are now with the resources we have now – it is a very good idea to try and start seeing the things that make you happy in your everyday life.

I suppose that is why Gretchen Rubin’s (gretchenrubin.com) Happiness Project spoke to me. Gretchen’s conclusion is sort of the same; she has to make her happiness project work in her everyday life.

Paradoxically I had to go all the way to London to find this book, even though it has been published in Finnish aswell (available e.g. here http://www.adlibris.com/fi/kirja/onnellisuusprojekti-9789522401984). Talk about not paying attention to your surroundings!

I will embark on my own journey to happiness, inspired by Gretchen’s Happiness Project. 

If you read the upcoming posts, hopefully you will realize that when I say you have to make happiness work in your everyday life, I do not mean you shouldn’t have dreams or goals. 

I haven’t decided to quit on those either!
Below are just a few things that have made me happy during 2016.

London. First time in my life I saw black swans.
Birthday present
A random pink door Old Town Tallinn
Cake by Say it With Cake (Helsinki)
Junior liked his cardboard carage I crafted

3 thoughts on “Happiness. What is it?

    1. Thank you! I will try to keep up a regular pace 😉 I loveeeeeddd your pictures! Will dive in to your writing when I have time to concentrate. Travelling sounds an inspiring subject to write about 💕


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